General Science and Geography

 In this timetable we will cover General Science and Geography part.

As you are already aware, geography topic given in UPSC civil services preliminary exam syllabus is like this:

“Indian and World Geography – Physical, Social, Economic Geography of India and the World.”

To cover this part of the prelims syllabus, you just have to be thorough with NCERT Geography books. In addition to this, to be safer side, we will cover Goh Cheng Leong as well. You have to revise everything every week.  You should use Saturday and Sundays to revise all the topics and questions that we are asking you to read/solve. Hope today and tomorrow you will thoroughly revise Environment part which we completed yesterday(June 5). Please do not neglect the REVISION part if you really want to clear prelims.

Coming to General Science part, we have covered few chapters from Class-6th to 12th science books, which are mainly related to ecology part. From the General Science part, as you already know, UPSC asks very basic questions which are mainly conceptual. Our focus will be mainly on testing your basic concepts of biology, chemistry and physics, that too only those parts which have daily application in our life.

As you know this initiative is intended to help you revise the syllabus before the actual exam. Therefore, assuming you have already read basics, we will be giving you Big Targets every day. You must sweat it out. As you see there is not much time left.

Before we give timetable, we want to give you a rough idea about what topics will be taking up after we complete Geography and General Science Part.

NOTE: All NCERT books which we are recommended are NEW ones. You can DOWNLOAD them from HERE.